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ScratchOut Tube

The ScratchOut Family

ScratchOut instantly repairs CD, DVD, and Game discs that skip, freeze, or stop playing due to scratches.

Available in a 3.5oz tube for your office and media center, or convenient, single-use packets to take on-the-go.

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Cleaning Tips

Apply ScratchOut with a soft, cotton cloth to the damaged side of a disc. Under most circumstances, applying the product with moderate pressure for about a minute will completely restore a disc to 100% playability.

In more severe cases, a second application may be needed to repair deeper damage. Unless a disc has become visually punctured or broken (as can be seen by holding the disc up to a bright light), ScratchOut will restore discs to full playability 100% of the time.

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Reviews & Praise for ScratchOut!

"This stuff is so much cheaper than all those mechanical and electric scratch removers--AND IT WORKS BETTER! I highly recommend it."


"Makes unusable discs work again!"


"This product always gets rid of scratches on CDs. I'm amazed how good it is."


"It was marvelous!"


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